Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

EES Consulting has extensive knowledge of the changing regulatory environment. We have in-depth experience working with FERC and resource agencies on a variety of projects. We help our clients develop their licensing strategy to ensure that the process serves their goals and reaches a timely and successful outcome.

EES Consulting has experience with each of FERC’s three licensing processes and has worked on all steps of the process from preparing Pre-Application Documents and License applications, assisting with stakeholder and public involvement, to preparing management plans as part of the compliance measures following issuance of the new license. We are familiar with the processes needed to obtain the necessary federal, state and local permits required to implement our clients' proposed projects. Often EES Consulting is brought in at the early stages of a proposed development to provide input and, if possible, reduce the regulatory requirements

EES Consulting has GIS and CAD capabilities to offer assistance with preparing maps and figures for obtaining project permits, including environmental permits and construction permits.