SCADA and Communication Systems

EES Consulting provides SCADA design services as a part of the overall project or as a standalone system specific to the application, including feasibility studies and system cost estimating.  Feasibility studies help clients select the most appropriate SCADA system for their needs. Systems considered are usually based on open architecture systems and based on commercially available components.

EES Consulting prepares specifications and procurement documents for solicitation of SCADA system bids. We may subsequently perform bid evaluation and recommend award of contract. EES Consulting’s utility communication system experience includes most common communication media, such as fiber optic cable, microwave, radio and power line carrier systems.

Youngs Creek Project

Completed in 2011, the system consists of a PC-based master station (SEL-3531) that is interfaced with the turbine-generator control PLC and with SEL protective relays for monitoring and controls of the Project. The SCADA system is also interfaced with the Jackson Project control systems to provide remote access with duplicate HMI and with the PUD’s energy control center to provide project status and metering data. The master station HMI based on “Wonderware” which accurately displays real-time plant operating status and provides the operator the means for entering generator control commands. EES is currently under contract with Snohomish County PUD to design Calligan and Hancock Hydroelectric Projects which will include similar SCADA projects and interface.

Andersen AFB

Completed in 2011, the system is located in the newly constructed switchgear building at the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. The system includes two independent SCADA systems, each of which is dedicated to the 34.5 kV and 13.8 kV switchgear, respectively. Each SCADA system is installed in the independent control cabinet with HMI , keyboard, power supplies, modems, and satellite clock.  Both SCADA systems are based on Schweitzer SEL-3554 as master station with SEL-2032 communication processors as outstation server for collecting protective relaying data. The 34.5 kV system is interfaced with the GPA power control center master station via dedicated leased lines.


This SCADA system is under construction in 2012 as part of the 13.8 kV switchgear replacement project for the Navy in Guam. It is based on Schweitzer SEL-3554 as the local submaster with SEL-2032 providing data collection and control interface with the feeder protective relays in the switchgear. The SEL-3554 will be linked to the future Navy SCADA master station via fiber optic link.

Blue Lake

The Blue Lake Expansion project for the City and Borough of Sikta, Alaska, required for the new 12.47 kV indoor switchgear to be monitored by the existing PLC-based SCADA system.  There are over 20 SEL protective relays and revenue meters in the switchgear to be monitored for not only analog and digital data but the sequence-of-events and event reports. The SEL-3530 real-time automation controller is used as the submaster to all SEL relays for data collection interface while providing local area network interface with the existing SCADA system.  The SCADA system is in final design phase.

Guam Water Authority Dededo

Currently in final design phase, the Dededo SCADA system is based on Schweitzer SEL-3554 as the local submaster and the SEL-3530 as outstation servers for data collection and control interfaces with protective relays in the switchgear. The SCADA system will be housed in self-standing cabinet with a 17-inch HMI display, keyboard and power supplies. It will be interfaced with the GPA power control center master station via dedicated leased lines.