BPA Related Services

Congress created BPA in 1937 to deliver and sell power from Bonneville Dam. During the period from the 1940s through the 1960s, additional dams and an expanded transmission system were added to BPA’s service area. Today, about one-third of the power consumed in the Pacific Northwest today comes from BPA. BPA also operates and owns one of the nation’s largest high voltage transmission systems.

EES Consulting has been a consultant to BPA customer utilities since the 1980s. We have testified in every BPA rate case since 1987. Because of our broad range of experience, we know the issues that drive the agency’s power and transmission negotiations, operating costs and rate policies. EES Consulting intervenes in BPA power and transmission rate cases on behalf of utility clients, analyzing the potential impacts of BPA policies and assisting utilities in planning for the operational, financial and regulatory impact of BPA policies.

Featured Projects

Grays Harbor PUD Integrated Resource Plan

EES Consulting prepared Grays Harbor’s 2020 Integrated Resource Plan. Grays Harbor is required to submit an IRP to the state of Washington every two years that demonstrates how it will meet the electric power needs of its members with a reliable supply of power delivered in the most cost-effective manner. The 2020 IRP was an evaluation of resource alternatives that could be deployed to meet Grays Harbor’s load and meet state of Washington renewable energy requirements under the Energy Independence Act and carbon-free energy requirements under the Clean Energy Transformation Act. Grays Harbor embarked on an IRP to study alternative sources of supply that could best serve its customers’ needs for the period 2021-2040.

Box Canyon Project Studies

Public Utility District No. 1 of Pend Oreille County, in Washington state, selected EES Consulting as the lead consultant for relicensing studies for the Box Canyon Hydroelectric Project.  The relicensing involved numerous engineering and resource studies.  EES Consulting staff members performed studies and managed and coordinated activities of consultants and subconsultants who conducted engineering and environmental studies for project license amendment and relicensing.