Seminars and Training

As nationally recognized experts, the principals of EES Consulting teach a number of courses and workshops on the subject of Energy Efficiency, Demand Response and DSM. EES Consulting staff members have presented numerous papers before various utility groups. EES Consulting also is active in developing publications and manuals in its areas of expertise. We offer a variety of standard classes, or we can customize the course to meet your organization’s needs. National and regional energy organizations have relied on EES Consulting to providing training in classroom-type settings. EES Consulting is also frequently invited to give topical presentations at regional and national conferences.

Northwest Public Power Association

EES consulting taught a class called “The Role of Energy Efficiency” that addressed several questions including:

•    Can expanding energy efficiency programs really benefit the utility’s bottom line?
•    Does energy efficiency and conservation result in lost revenue?
•    What strategies are needed to make energy efficiency work for my utility?

These are some of the questions being asked by utility managers. These questions need to be addressed before making new commitments to energy efficiency programs and strategies. This class provided an overview of the role of energy efficiency in the region. It addressed some of the high level questions related to the costs and benefits of developing or significantly enhancing a utility energy efficiency program. It covered the basics of a conservation potential study and how it relates to utility Integrated Resource Planning.

American Public Power Association

The “Energy Efficiency Planning for Utilities” course was taught at the APPA national conference and included utilities personnel from across the U.S. This course covered the entire EE planning process including: potential assessments, program plans, establishing goals, program/incentive design, and program evaluation.

Bonneville Power Administration

EES Consulting led a seminar for BPA utilities titled “Energy Efficiency Potential Assessments in the Northwest.”

Featured Projects

Grays Harbor PUD Integrated Resource Plan

EES Consulting prepared Grays Harbor’s 2020 Integrated Resource Plan. Grays Harbor is required to submit an IRP to the state of Washington every two years that demonstrates how it will meet the electric power needs of its members with a reliable supply of power delivered in the most cost-effective manner. The 2020 IRP was an evaluation of resource alternatives that could be deployed to meet Grays Harbor’s load and meet state of Washington renewable energy requirements under the Energy Independence Act and carbon-free energy requirements under the Clean Energy Transformation Act. Grays Harbor embarked on an IRP to study alternative sources of supply that could best serve its customers’ needs for the period 2021-2040.

Los Angeles County Aliso Canyon

The County of Los Angeles asked EES Consulting to evaluate alternatives to mitigate the need to withdraw natural gas from the Aliso Canyon storage facility. The facility was used to supply gas during peak winter usage as well as to supply natural gas-fired generators during peak summer demand, but it was shut down after a massive leak released more than 100,000 metric tons of methane. EES found that measures put in place by utilities in Southern California to maintain system reliability without utilizing Aliso Canyon were working, and that resuming natural gas injections was unnecessary in the near term. In the longer term, the acquisition of demand response, energy storage, and energy efficiency could effectively displace the need for Aliso Canyon. EES also provided a series of recommendations to improve the implementation of the mitigation measures. (Image:Earthworks)