EES Consulting - Engineering and Management Services

EES Consulting is a multidisciplinary management consulting firm that provides a broad array of economic, engineering, and environmental services to clients involved in electric power, natural gas, telecommunications, water, and other energy and natural resource-related businesses.

EES Consulting has assisted clients in meeting the challenges in evolving competitive, regulatory and technical environments. Our economic and financial specialties include conservation, electric generation, alternative and renewable energy analysis (wind, solar, geothermal, biomass), electricity and fuel price forecasting, and any other demand or supply arrangements within utility business. Our engineering and environmental areas of expertise include hydro projects, dam design and safety, transmission or distribution plant systems analysis, planning and valuation, and GIS. Our broad base of clients includes utilities, regulators, associations and end users located throughout North America.

EES Consulting is a registered professional engineering corporation with offices in the metropolitan areas of Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Our professional staff members have backgrounds in the areas of economics, finance, financial analysis, commerce, engineering, environmental sciences, regulatory compliance, public administration, operations research and corporate management.

Featured Projects

Youngs Creek Project

Completed in 2011, the system consists of a PC-based master station that is interfaced with the turbine-generator control PLC and with SEL protective relays for monitoring the Project. The system also interfaces with the Jackson Project control systems to provide remote access with duplicate HMI and with the PUD’s energy control center to provide project status and metering data. EES is under contract with Snohomish County PUD to design Calligan and Hancock Hydroelectric Projects which will include similar SCADA projects.

Kootenai Electric Cooperative

EES Consulting prepared KEC’s 2007 Resource Plan.  KEC needed to meet the electric power needs of its members with a reliable supply of power delivered in the most cost-effective manner.  This 2007 Plan was an evaluation of resource alternatives that could be deployed to meet KEC’s load.  KEC embarked on a Resource Plan process to study alternative sources of supply that could best serve its customers’ needs for the period 2012-2031.