BPA Related Services

Congress created BPA in 1937 to deliver and sell power from Bonneville Dam. During the period from the 1940s through the 1960s, additional dams and an expanded transmission system were added to BPA’s service area. Today, about one-third of the power consumed in the Pacific Northwest today comes from BPA. BPA also operates and owns one of the nation’s largest high voltage transmission systems.

EES Consulting has been a consultant to BPA customer utilities since the 1980s. We have testified in every BPA rate case since 1987. Because of our broad range of experience, we know the issues that drive the agency’s power and transmission negotiations, operating costs and rate policies. EES Consulting intervenes in BPA power and transmission rate cases on behalf of utility clients, analyzing the potential impacts of BPA policies and assisting utilities in planning for the operational, financial and regulatory impact of BPA policies.