Financial and Strategic Planning

EES Consulting is recognized throughout North America for its expertise in utility regulation and strategic planning. Our approach to each project begins with the assumption that most utility problems are not simply an engineering problem or a financial/economic problem. Rather, they are complex problems, best solved by a team composed of experts in the fields of finance/rates, engineering, customer service, economics and strategic planning. EES Consulting, by virtue of being a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, is uniquely qualified to assist utilities in satisfying their financial and strategic planning requirements, including assessing potential risks.

EES Consulting can evaluate the overall technical and economic viability of nearly any project. For new resources and distribution systems, we evaluate capital and O&M cost estimates, operating characteristics and assess the availability and price of water, fuels and electric transmission capacity. We also assess environmental impacts and regulatory constraints to development. Finally, we assess alternative ownership structures and provide full pro-forma financial statement projections of long-term plant economic performance.