Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) is an energy utility business model that allows local governments to supply their own electric power, through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and owned generation resources, while continuing to receive transmission and distribution service from the incumbent utility. CCAs are an excellent business model to reduce the cost of electricity for local constituents, enhance local macroeconomic activity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CCAs are operating in seven U.S. states: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, New York, and Rhode Island.

EES Consulting, Inc. (EES) is currently providing technical energy consulting services such as feasibility assessment, feasibility peer review services, and implementation and launch services to numerous CCA initiatives in California. EES has prepared CCA feasibility studies for Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, Western Riverside Council of Governments, San Bernardino Council of Governments, Coachella Valley Association of Governments, the City of San José, City of Irvine, Butte County, and several San Diego area jurisdictions including the County of San Diego, and cities of Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Del Mar, Encinitas, La Mesa, Oceanside, and Santee. EES has also peer reviewed CCA feasibility studies for Alameda County, the City of Solana Beach and the City of San Diego.

EES has also provided technical CCA implementation services for Los Angeles County (Clean Power Authority), City of San José (San José Clean Energy), and Western Community Energy (WCE).

Clean Power Alliance

EES prepared a feasibility analysis, Business Plan and Implementation Plan for Los Angeles County Community Choice Aggregation program that would include both the unincorporated county and several cities within the County. The analysis included a load forecast, GHG emissions reduction analysis, and a rate comparison to the incumbent Investor Owned Utility, Southern California Edison, under multiple power supply scenarios. The LA County Board of Supervisors has subsequently voted to approve and launch a CCA and retained EES for support services during the implementation phase. EES acted as an extension of CCA staff by developing RFPs for power supply and data management services as well as providing regulatory representation and compliance.

San Jose Clean Energy

EES prepared a CCA Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan for the City of San José. In addition to providing a load forecast, GHG emissions reduction analysis, and a rate comparison, EES’s analysis evaluated multiple possible governance options, partnership options with other CCAs, and possible impacts on liability and rates that result from those options.

Western Community Energy

EES prepared the technical feasibility study for Western Community Energy, WCE, (through WRCOG). EES assisted WCE in pre-launch activities including development of the Implementation Plan and managing regulatory compliance. EES will continue to assist WCE through 2020 as the entity sets initial rates and begins service. EES will also prepare the first WCE Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to be filed with the CPUC in May 2020.

City of Irvine

EES prepared a technical feasibility study for the City of Irvine, scheduled to be presented to the City Council. The study was an independent process where EES supported City staff and the City's Green Ribbon Committee in answering questions about the study. The City of Irvine will next evaluate moving forward with a CCA. 

County of San Diego

EES prepared a CCA technical Feasibility Study and Business Plan for the County of San Diego. After the September 2019 Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting, EES was asked to prepare a market analysis of supply and demand of renewable energy in California as well as the San Diego Region. EES prepared the study and will present the findings to the County Board of Supervisors. EES has also supported the San Diego CCA effort by providing clients with various CCA analyses where joint powers authority agreements are entered into by various entities.