Construction Specifications

EES Consulting has extensive experience with preparation of construction specifications. Such documents are usually prepared as part of project design assignments and allow the project owner to solicit competitive bids for project construction. Our experience includes construction specifications for hydroelectric plants, substations and miscellaneous other electric utility facilities. EES Consulting prepares construction specifications, including front-end and contractual terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are usually based on EJCDC documents or on client documents and preferences.

Snohomish County PUD

EES Consulting is currently providing engineering design for two small hydroelectric generating plants, Calligan and Hancock, each with an installed generating capacity of about 7 MW. These services include detail design of intakes, penstocks, powerhouses, switchyards and electrical interconnections to the power grid. The projects are scheduled for completion in 2015. Further, EES Consulting recently completed detail design and construction support for another small hydroelectric plant, Youngs Creek, (about 7 MW capacity) for the District, which has successfully been on line since October, 2011.

District of Lake Country, BC

EES Consulting was retained to develop the final conceptual design, develop plans and specifications to support a turbine and generator supply contract, a contract for purchase of all electrical and controls equipment, and the construction contract to build the powerhouse and tailrace, install all the equipment and start up the Eldorado Small Hydro Project. Revenue metering and SCADA system was designed to meet BC Hydro requirements. A solar-powered 900 MHz spread spectrum radio is used to transmit water level signals from intake to the powerhouse. EES Consulting also provided construction monitoring and plant commissioning services. The Project began power generation in April 2009.

Truckee Meadows Water Authority

EES Consulting was retained by TMWA to provide a condition assessment for the Verdi and Fleish powerhouse equipment. EES Consulting inspected the equipment and wrote a complete condition assessment of all powerhouse equipment. The condition assessment report recommended the immediate replacement of the turbine governor, control panel, generator breaker, excitation system, and the generator step-up transformers. Subsequently, EES Consulting developed procurement specifications for the powerhouse equipment packages (control panels, excitation systems, generator breakers and new governor equipment). Following the award of contract, EES Consulting reviewed shop drawings and assisted the TMWA with contractor coordination. EES Consulting was also retained to write bid documents for the replacement of the generator step-up transformers.

Grupo Secacao, Guatemala

The Secacao Hydroelectric Project is a new 16.0 MW hydroelectric development located on Rio Trece Aguas, about 80 km from the city of Coban. The Candelaria Hydroelectric Project is a new 4.5 MW project located near Senahu, Guatemala, and the Choloma Hydroelectric Project is a new 9.5 MW project located about 150 miles east of Guatemala City, Guatemala. EES Consulting provided engineering services for final design and construction contract documents for all three projects, as well as construction and commissioning assistance.