Regulatory Analysis and Support

EES Consulting has a record of success in providing expert witness and legal support services to our clients. Our approach to legal matters is from the standpoint of economists, engineers, and utility industry specialists. We are not lawyers, but the experience of our staff complements that of the lawyers with whom we work. Working together with legal professionals, we offer clients a unique approach to the challenges that they face. Our senior staff have testified over 500 times as experts before numerous forums including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, National Energy Board, state Public Utility Commissions, provincial Public Utility Boards, Bonneville Power Administration and state and federal courts of law.

EES Consulting has several professionals with a wide range of experience preparing and delivering expert witness testimony in various legal forums. Our senior staff is particularly familiar with public utility commissions and other regulatory bodies. Senior expert witnesses are supported by a team of economists and engineers who help them prepare and defend testimony, including answers to interrogatories and preparation of cross-examination. Our staff also assists legal professionals in preparing briefs and in formulating an overall litigation/technical strategy.

Ontario Energy Board

OEB requested the assistance of EES to provide policy-related recommendations to streamline the deployment of distributed generation (DG) and to explore DG-related rate design, especially standby rates. EES conducted a survey of DG policy in selected jurisdictions throughout the world using published sources from regulatory agencies in Canada, USA, Australia and Europe to assess policies used to promote DG. EES further focused on a specific class of DG, industrial generation (also called load displacement generation). EES also provided a discussion of standby rate design issues for DG and a review of OEB standby unit costs

City of Redding

The City of Redding retained EES Consulting to review allegations made by a former employee about the Redding Power Plant and the natural gas transactions in an objective, impartial, and expeditious manner. This review included interviewing staff with knowledge about the Redding Power Plant and the natural gas transactions to gather factual information. In addition EES Consulting requested and reviewed numerous documents and transactions details in order to objectively evaluate the allegations. A written report detailing EES Consulting’s finding that the allegations were unfounded was provided to the City and presented to staff and management.